Ideas to Show Love to Your Pet’s Ashes

  • on July 21, 2022

Ideas to Show Love to Your Pet’s Ashes

After saying goodbye to your beloved pet, honouring their place in your heart and lives is very important and very personal. Here are some ideas you might like to consider, when that time comes.


One of the more traditional ways to say goodbye and lay your pet to rest is by scattering their ashes.

This could be at your home or their favourite place, like the beach or walking trail you enjoyed together. This offers an opportunity for the family to gather and grieve together, remembering and sending love to your pet.


An ornamental urn can be kept in the home or used in a memorial for your pet. This is a way to forever keep your special friend close and always a part of your family home.


Ashes can be buried in a special place, most often in the garden – maybe their favourite place to sit or sleep. Burying as part of a ceremony is a chance for you to grieve as a family and lay your pet to rest with a beautiful send off, surrounded by the people they loved, and forever in the place they were connected to.

Planting Memorial

An addition to scattering, memorial urn or burial, you could choose to plant a tree or special type or coloured blooming plant, to grow and nurture in honour of your beloved friend. Placing it in a special location, like their burial site or favourite place at home. You may even like to use a biodegradable urn within the planting, so they become part of the growing tree.

Keepsakes and Art

Some of the more modern ways to keep your pet close and remind you daily of your bond is to incorporate their ashes into a piece of jewellery, commission a piece of art such as a portrait, a sculpture, or other keepsakes like photo frames.

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"I had to make the hard decision to put my 9.5-year-old rabbit Gypsy to sleep.  She was a huge part of me. Ripple helped guide me through the body arrangement process. I was new to Aquamation but knowing that the process had no negative impact on the environment meant a lot to me. Ripple explained as much to me as I needed to know as a grieving pet owner and returned my beautiful girl to me in a classy fashion, with engraving as per my specifications. I couldn’t be happier with my keep’s sake, that represents my Gypsy and my style perfectly. Thank you Ripple for helping me make some difficult choices at a challenging time."

Mhairi Barclay

"I lost my gorgeous dog Griffin in 2019 at the age of 5. It was a tough time for me, and although I chose to get his ashes back…. I have not done anything with them since. His ashes have sat on the bookshelf looking the same as the day they were returned to me. I wanted to honour my gorgeous boy and Ripple helped me do this with finding the perfect display for his ashes and the most adorable engraving. Thank you Ripple for helping me honour his life."

Linzi Barclay