Helping Your Pet After Losing Their Companion
When you consider your own behaviour following the loss of a pet, it’s likely to seem ‘out of character’ according to your pet. The same is true in reverse. Your [...]
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How to Care for Your Senior Pet
Enjoying our pets in their golden years is a special privilege. But as their age grows, we need to adjust our care to meet their changing needs. Ripple has put [...]
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Dealing with the Loss of Your First Pet
They say you’ll never forget your first love. The same goes for your first pet. When we lose our first pet, it can be really jarring. The house may feel [...]
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"I had to make the hard decision to put my 9.5-year-old rabbit Gypsy to sleep.  She was a huge part of me. Ripple helped guide me through the body arrangement process. I was new to Aquamation but knowing that the process had no negative impact on the environment meant a lot to me. Ripple explained as much to me as I needed to know as a grieving pet owner and returned my beautiful girl to me in a classy fashion, with engraving as per my specifications. I couldn’t be happier with my keep’s sake, that represents my Gypsy and my style perfectly. Thank you Ripple for helping me make some difficult choices at a challenging time."

Mhairi Barclay

"I lost my gorgeous dog Griffin in 2019 at the age of 5. It was a tough time for me, and although I chose to get his ashes back…. I have not done anything with them since. His ashes have sat on the bookshelf looking the same as the day they were returned to me. I wanted to honour my gorgeous boy and Ripple helped me do this with finding the perfect display for his ashes and the most adorable engraving. Thank you Ripple for helping me honour his life."

Linzi Barclay