Helping Your Pet After Losing Their Companion

  • on June 21, 2022

Helping Your Pet After Losing Their Companion

When you consider your own behaviour following the loss of a pet, it’s likely to seem ‘out of character’ according to your pet. The same is true in reverse. Your pet may behave unusually, even erratically. This is very common and there are things you can do to help.

Include them in the process as much as possible. This could include taking them to the vet with you, if their friend is to be euthanised. Without knowing where their companion has gone, they may be confused when you come back home without them. It also supports the pet who is passing to be surrounded by loved ones and support you.

At home, grieve together. Cry and cuddle (gently so as not to alarm) and have them with you at a funeral ceremony, which helps you as much as your pet.

Maintain your routine, continue to feed, walk and do usual activities at regular times. This may take time to adjust if someone is missing, but it’s still best to keep the familiarity for your pet and yourself.

Behaviour changes could include separation anxiety, soiling in the house, barking/meowing at inappropriate times and more. Gently ‘re-train’ in a positive way, reinforcing appropriate behaviour. For example, taking them outside to toilet with rewards, address separation anxiety such as walks before you leave, turn the radio on as you go, or provide chewing/activities for them to do while you’re away.

You could consider herbal remedies, or talk to your vet about your concerns if there is no improvement.

Reordering of the hierarchy, where you have more than one pet remaining, may lead to conflict. Let this take its course without intervention, as long as they are not harming one another.

Be aware of your own grieving process and progress – your distress will be felt by your pets, so be gentle with yourself and seek help if you continue to struggle. One helpful focus could be on creating a ‘new normal’ with healing and memories into the future.

If you need support, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team by contacting

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