Getting A New Pet After Loss

  • on June 7, 2022

Getting A New Pet After Loss

Considering a new pet after losing your friend and companion brings an intense mixture of emotions and often remains a see-saw, rather than making a comfortable decision.

We knew when we welcomed a pet into our life, their lifespan would not be as long as ours, but we entered into it whole-heartedly, cherishing every moment. Despite this, returning to life without them is a lonelier place and our sense of loss may never go away.

Readiness to find a new pet is individual. Some prefer to liven their home with a new pet, while others take longer to feel ready to open their home and hearts to another companion.

Some gentle advice for you to consider:

  • Separate from the idea your lost love could ever be replaced or it would be disloyal. We are often lucky to love many pets during many phases of our lives. None can be replaced; they each bring a unique connection.
  • Avoid feeling pressured into the decision by others or your own expectations, take your time to prepare.
  • Consider the feelings of all family members in the entire process. Support those who may be hesitant or struggling, and be patient. The more support they receive, the better they’ll feel.
  • This includes your other pets who have just lost their companion. Consider how they may or may not adapt – are they ready, prepared or welcoming of new animals.
  • Be prepared for emotions to be triggered when you meet or bring your new pet home and be compassionate with yourself. It doesn’t mean you’ve made the wrong decision, take time to adjust.
  • As with people, each animal has unique likes, dislikes, traits and responds to environments and situations differently. Be open to welcoming the new, which may feel different when you have been used to one personality for a long time.
  • As we welcome pets with individual connections and personalities into our lives, honour them with their own name to suit their character, rather than repeating names of past pets.

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"I had to make the hard decision to put my 9.5-year-old rabbit Gypsy to sleep.  She was a huge part of me. Ripple helped guide me through the body arrangement process. I was new to Aquamation but knowing that the process had no negative impact on the environment meant a lot to me. Ripple explained as much to me as I needed to know as a grieving pet owner and returned my beautiful girl to me in a classy fashion, with engraving as per my specifications. I couldn’t be happier with my keep’s sake, that represents my Gypsy and my style perfectly. Thank you Ripple for helping me make some difficult choices at a challenging time."

Mhairi Barclay

"I lost my gorgeous dog Griffin in 2019 at the age of 5. It was a tough time for me, and although I chose to get his ashes back…. I have not done anything with them since. His ashes have sat on the bookshelf looking the same as the day they were returned to me. I wanted to honour my gorgeous boy and Ripple helped me do this with finding the perfect display for his ashes and the most adorable engraving. Thank you Ripple for helping me honour his life."

Linzi Barclay